Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabric Banner Printing

When most people think of banner advertising, they think of heavy-duty outdoor banners with glossy finishes. However, one of the most popular and growing trends in advertising is fabric banner printing.

Many businesses are turning to fabric banners for their indoor advertising. While not as durable as vinyl banners, fabric banners provide a softer visual which is much better suited to indoor displays. This type of banner printing offers nearly the same level of resolution, and can be easily folded and stored without damaging the product. In fact, because the ink is not topical, but is embedded into the fabric, the image quality will never deteriorate as it would with other forms of banner printing.

Another advantage of fabric banners is the lack of VOC's when printing. Fabric banners use a much safer, smell free ink technology, therefor you won't experience the same smell that is present with vinyl banners and solvent inks.

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