Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Point of Purchase - Boost your In Store Marketing

POP displays provide a variety of competitive advantages to retail stores. When you utilize POP displays within your business, you can offer pricing specials to customers which they may not have heard about, and you can pull in customers to make sudden purchases.

The primary advantage of point of purchase displays is that the shopper is already in the store and would be more apt to put the item in their bag. It is often simpler to persuade a purchase decision when the customer is already in a purchasing mindset, than it can be to try and get the shopper to review your circular in the paper and drive to your location. Vivid and attention grabbing point of purchase displays can be successful at getting the most money out of shoppers that are currently purchasing goods from your location.

One other plus of point of purchase displays is that they develop a feeling in would be shoppers that they must visit your business to realize the specials you have to offer. You may insert all of your pricing specials in your newspaper ads, but potential clients could frequently browse the adverts and miss pricing specials. With a marketing display, you can make customers think that in order to find out the best deals, they need to come to your store.

Marketers can also employ in-store point of purchase to funnel guests to a part of the store which has other specials also. Insert other pop signs near your products to get customers looking at the other specials you have to provide. Making use of the in-store display as a funnel is a great method for getting customer traffic dispersing towards the parts of your business that require more visits.

There are a variety of benefits to utilizing pop signage. Make sure to use them efficiently, and keep the bigger signs spread apart to build their value.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Expert Graphics and Printing Resources

I also came across this great printing and graphics resources website, which is full of great online resources for those in graphic design, marketing, printing and publishing industries. The site is managed and updated by Chuck Green.

Scientific Posters

I recently found a great resource for scientific poster design. This article by Colin Purrington of Swarthmore College is a very good tutorial on which aspects of scientific poster design are most important for best results. Included are a lot of resources, including the best places to get scientific poster printing done online. I recommend anyone interested check it out. You may learn a few new tips and tricks for more effective poster designing.

Vinyl Banner Printing

If you are searching for a cost effective way to spread the word on an upcoming promotion, or advertise a sale at your business, you may want to think about using printed vinyl banners. If you need them indoors or outdoors, vinyl banners provide users a lot more ROI than other types of signage.

With the advances in digital printing and ink technologies in recent years, greater numbers of businesses are choosing these banners as their choice of outdoor signage. The low-cost, combined with the infinite amounts of opportunities available, make vinyl banners an easy choice for any shape or size business. There are many qualities that set vinyl banners apart from the rest, which are as follows:

Vinyl Banners Deliver Extreme Endurance

In contrast to heavy paper banners, vinyl offers significantly higher durability in just about any environment. Vinyl is impervious to rain damage, withstands windy conditions, and is resistant to fading in direct sunlight. These qualities make printing banners on vinyl a must have for outdoor events in which it is only temporarily displayed, in addition to extended outdoor use as store front signage. Coupled with the proper UV curing inks, vinyl banners will last as long as 5+ years before requiring replacement, and can absolutely last significantly longer if conditions allow.

Vinyl Banners & Ink Technology

There are a wide range of different printing inks which can be used to make vinyl banners. Specific inks are better choices for outdoor banners or indoor banners, while others are more environmentally conscious. Solvent inks are typically the most common variety used when printing a banner that will remain outdoors because solvent inks do not adhere to, but soak into the substrate they are applied to.

With all of these features, you can see how effective a solution vinyl banners can be. Vinyl Offers a reduced advertising cost, durability in the elements, and nearly limitless size and graphics options. Next time you need to advertise your next big sale, promote an event, or liven up a space you should think about using vinyl banners.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabric Banner Printing

When most people think of banner advertising, they think of heavy-duty outdoor banners with glossy finishes. However, one of the most popular and growing trends in advertising is fabric banner printing.

Many businesses are turning to fabric banners for their indoor advertising. While not as durable as vinyl banners, fabric banners provide a softer visual which is much better suited to indoor displays. This type of banner printing offers nearly the same level of resolution, and can be easily folded and stored without damaging the product. In fact, because the ink is not topical, but is embedded into the fabric, the image quality will never deteriorate as it would with other forms of banner printing.

Another advantage of fabric banners is the lack of VOC's when printing. Fabric banners use a much safer, smell free ink technology, therefor you won't experience the same smell that is present with vinyl banners and solvent inks.